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My Fellow Adventurers,

I'm truly flattered that I have piqued your interest, and whatever it is that has brought you here to me, allow me to invite you on a unique adventure specially curated to excite all your senses.


I'm your coquettish companion, I endeavor to embrace the true spirit of life with a keen sense of adventure and love to explore parts unknown. Whether that leads to an exhilarating charged new experience, or something delightfully mysterious left only to be discovered behind the privacy of closed doors. 


As your guide into uncharted territory, I'm dedicated to breaking up the routine of your reality, let's go on a sensual journey. I do seek true connections; those that inspire each other to think more broadly, to challenge each other's mind and stretch our sense of humor. There’s a lot more to me than beauty. You’ll find me educated, elegant, sensual, and responsive. I am a very passionate woman and love to share those adventures with others. We both work hard at living the life expected of us and deserve those instantaneous small delights only authentic connections can deliver.


A few of my favorite pastimes are: travel, fine food and dining, art, dancing, reading and fitness. I revel in trying new things, visiting new places, learning, and simply enjoying life to its fullest.


My feminine beauty embodies exquisite features. Allow yourself to be captivated by my dark honey colored eyes, soft luscious lips and flowing hair that begs to run your fingers through. My soft porceline skin, that you cannot help but caress.  I am very fitness  orientated and go out of my way to maintain a toned physique and live a healthy lifestyle, with the perfect curves in all the right places that I invite you to explore.


You will find my attire to be elegant and appropriate no matter the occasions. Whether it be the perfect little black dress and heels or nice fitted jeans with a soft t-shirt, to a sweeping ballroom gown or suit for a day at the beach. I'm ready for any adventure you have planned for us. 


You will be unequivocally pleased by my down to earth charm, 

yet confident demeanor. As you come to know me, you will find me to be intelligent, articulate, and congenial. I do seek true connections; those that inspire each other to think more broadly, to challenge each other's mind and stretch our sense of humor.  To the deepest of my core, I am a no-nonsense, no-drama, loving and affectionate person to those with whom I share my time.

I am selective in enjoying my time with a gentleman that are of the most discerning taste.

I find myself naturally connecting with generous individuals who are kind, intelligent and have a great sense of humor. After all, "make a woman laugh, and you can make her do anything."

There is no greater turn on than a stimulating conversation with a well spoken, engaging gentleman who enjoys the company of a lady of the same calibur.


Show me something new, something special to you, the spark that ignites your passionate self. I want to hear your stories, the tantalizing secrets that make you tick and only belong to you. 

Tell me about yourself, and let's open those gates of intrigue. Together we'll rediscover the magic of an opening night, the fluster and the flash of heat from flirting, and the anticipation of that first kiss .. 


Our time together will never be rushed as my philosophy is to go with chemistry. Extended sessions are a wonderful way to experience true relaxation and enable us to get to know one another on the most exhilarating and stimulating levels. I firmly believe in quality of quantity, preferring longer interludes where we can get to know one another in a relaxed unchastened atmosphere. Focusing on your every need is important to me for keeping you fulfilled and attaining your deepest desires ensuring you will return soon. My affections and passions are awakened by the kindest, most sincere and generous gentlemen. 


This life is to be lived in the company of the extraordinary. 


Ultimately, I am a diversion from the ordinary, an indulgence for the extraordinary. It will be my pleasure to have you relax and indulge in every aspect of our time together. An adventurous experience and specially curated connection that will leave you wanting more. Let our touch set the night on fire... 


Salaciously Yours,

 Milena Brooklyn xoxo

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The excitement of adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort.
- Paulo Coelho


HEIGHT: 5’4”


WEIGHT: 110 lbs








BUILD: Petite, slim, athletic


ETHNICITY: Eastern European, Asian & Exotic


EDUCATION: Master in Education & Exercise Physiology






PERSONALITY: Laid-back, empathetic, intuitive, passionate


LOVE LANGUAGE: Gifts, acts of service


LOCATION: CT, NY, MA, Manhattan, Northern NJ, Tri-state area


Available for Fly Me To You worldwide



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Kind Words

What can I say? Milena is a remarkable treat. She is the embodiment of Russian Femme Fatale. I love a woman who is educated, well spoken,  and has traveled the world who can be on the same level in regards to keeping up with my humor. She is devilishly playful and a terrible flirt. Let's just say she made getting through dinner very difficult. Which was cool because it felt like we had known each other for years. And what's not to love about that accent, its super sexy. She's very passionate about her work, and travels, and expresses it in many thoughtful and creative ways. I absolutely recommend planning an evening with Milena. She is an absolute delight.

—  J.P. Fergus

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